At EVO we understand the importance of local, quality, and competitively-priced options in the Learn to Swim space. Unlike most programmes, however, Evolution Aquatic’s Learn to Swim programme is community-led and not-for-profit. All proceeds from our programme are returned to the swimming club to help support all Evolution Aquatic members, no matter their swimming goals.

Our Learn to Swim lessons are available Monday to Friday from around 3.30 pm during the school term at Ōtūmoetai Pool. We also offer lessons during the school holidays.  

Click here for further details about our Holiday Intensive Lessons

Free Swimming Assessment

Beginner swimmers who are not yet comfortable submerging will not need an assessment.

All other new Learn to Swim members are required to have a free swimming assessment to ensure that they are placed at the correct level for their current skill set. Assessments are conducted at the Ōtūmoetai Pool and take approximately 10 minutes. Please note - levels are based on ability, not age.

To book your assessment, please email evo4swim@gmail.com