Fitness Squads

For all Fitness Squad enquiries please contact the EVO Club Administrator at

At the completion of the Stroke Tech Squad, swimmers can choose either a fitness or competitive swimming pathway. Student members who are interested in other sports or activities will have the training knowledge to continue to build their swimming ability in our Fitness Squads.

We encourage all Fitness members to discuss their swimming goals with our coaches, so they can work towards these together.

Aqua Fit Squad

The Aqua Fit Squad is targeted at student members looking to maintain a good level of swimming fitness, enhance and recover from other sporting codes, and simply swim for enjoyment and well-being. The fitness pathway specifically caters to those prioritising other aquatic sports over competitive swimming such as surf lifesaving, water polo, underwater hockey, triathlon, open water swimming, and artistic swimming. 

Aqua Fit Squad members will develop their level of aerobic and anaerobic fitness through the progressive, graduated use of structured swimming sets. At the same time, Aqua Fit members are also exposed to the same soft skill sets that competitive members are - including discipline, time management, teamwork, and resilience.

Senior Fit Squad

Senior Fit Squad is for student members looking to achieve at a regional or national level within their aquatic sport of choice. Membership in this squad is at the EVO coaches' discretion as swimmers must be able to train comfortably alongside our competitive swimming squads. Senior Fit is offered morning sessions only, leaving their afternoons free to train for other codes.

Adult Fit Squad

For adult members, Adult Fit offers a squad experience for those 18+ and the same opportunities and benefits as students swimming in our fitness squads.

All Fitness members can attend up to 4 sessions per week

Fitness training gear - kickboard, fins, pull buoy, hand paddles, and drink bottle