Terms and Conditions - LTS

Updated January 2024


All new Learn to Swim (LTS) members require a free swimming assessment. This ensures your swimmer is placed in the correct level for their ability. To book your assessment, please email evo4swim@gmail.com

Behaviour Management

Every swimmer deserves to learn in a non-disruptive and safe environment. The EVO behaviour procedure is two verbal warnings then ‘time out’ if necessary. This means a swimmer may miss out on a small part of their lesson. If the undesired behaviour continues, the swimmer’s parents will then be contacted to discuss this. Should any behaviour be considered dangerous to themselves, or others, swimmers will be immediately removed from lessons until further notice. EVO's behaviour procedure is guided by the Swimming NZ (SNZ) Member Protection Policy


If you wish to cancel your lessons, please email the Club Administrator at evo4squad@gmail.com Credit or refund requests will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. EVO also reserves the right to cancel memberships at any time.


All fees are due before the commencement of each term. Payment via Stripe at the time of registration is preferred. Alternatively, email our Club Administrator at evo4squad@gmail.com and an invoice will be sent to you to be paid via internet banking. Outstanding fees may incur a suspension of lessons.

Levels 1 and Level 2

Fees for Level 1 and Level 2 are $165 per term (minimum of 9 weeks). For families signing up after term starts, $16.50 per lesson will be invoiced for each week remaining.

Levels 3 and Level 4

Fees for Level 3 and Level 4 are $180 per term (minimum of 9 weeks). For families signing up after term starts $18 per lesson will be invoiced for each week remaining.


Please do not bring your child to their swimming lesson if they are unwell or have any infections. Information on the exclusion periods for common childhood illnesses can be found under the LTS Info tab.

Lesson Changes

EVO strives to maintain consistency across our lessons but occasionally may have to change or cancel classes and/or instructors as required. If changes are necessary, we will make every effort to ensure it is a smooth transition for our swimmers.

Lesson Transfers 

EVO will endeavour to accommodate all requests for lesson transfers, however, it is dependent on availability. There is no guarantee we can meet all requests.

Make-up Lessons

EVO LTS offers one ‘make-up’ lesson per term. Please email the Club Administrator at evo4squad@gmail.com to organise this. Make-up lessons are dependent on availability and spaces may not be on your preferred day and/or time. There is no guarantee we can meet all requests.

Missed Lessons (of two weeks or more)

If you will be absent from your lessons for two weeks or more, or in the unfortunate event of an extended injury or illness, please email the Club Administrator as soon as possible at evo4squad@gmail.com to discuss the options available.

Parents and Caregivers on Pool Deck

Once your child has entered the water, please find a seat and let the Coach, coach. Continued interaction with your child is distracting to the swimmer and makes it difficult for the instructors to do their job effectively.

Parental and Caregiver Supervision

Parents and caregivers must accompany all children 10 years old and under to and from their lessons. For children 5 and under, caregivers must remain on the pool surroundings and actively supervise their child. 

For children 6-10 years old parents and caregivers can (in effect), hand supervision of their swimmer to the instructor. They can then leave the facility however, must return to collect the child from the instructor by the time the lesson is finished. Children 10 years old and under are not permitted to leave the pool unaccompanied.

Children participating in structured sessions under the supervision of an instructor, will not be required to wear a wristband during their lesson. At all other times, wristbands are mandatory, and Keep Me Safe pool supervision rules apply. (Parents and caregivers must be on the premises and able to provide immediate assistance). Please familarise yourself with the Keep Me Safe pool supervision rules under the LTS Info tab.

Pool Entry

EVO LTS members are not required to pay pool entry to attend lessons. Please obtain a Bay Venues membership form and tag from Ōtūmoetai Pool or you can download the membership form here. You must use this tag to scan into the pool at reception every time you attend your lesson.

Recreational Swimming

Due to limited lane availability during our LTS sessions, there is to be no recreational play before and after lessons in the public lap pool lanes.

Children often get cold or tired if they have been swimming or playing in the pool prior to their lessons. This often results in poor performance while learning to swim. We recommend that children enter the pool for their lesson first, before any additional swimming.

Ribbons and Graduation Medals

Swimmers will progress through the EVO LTS programme as they develop the skills and confidence to do so. Swimmer assessment is ongoing throughout the term. Swimmers will be awarded ribbons when they graduate levels and a medal upon completion of the programme.

School Holidays

We do not run regular weekly classes during the school holidays. Instead, we offer Holiday Intensive Lessons. These lessons provide a great way to fast-track your child’s progress over a short period of time. Lesson times and levels are made available on our website.

Swimming Attire

Googles are required for every lesson. One-piece togs for girls and swim briefs or jammers for boys are recommended. For hygiene reasons, all swimmers with long hair must wear a cap (caps also help to keep swimmers a little warmer). During the cooler months, swimmers can also choose to wear a tight-fitting rash, thermal top (or wetsuit for Level 1), if they wish to.