Terms and Conditions - Squads

Updated September 2023


All new Evolution Aquatic (EVO) squad members require an assessment by one of our EVO coaches. To book an assessment please email evo4squad@gmail.com

Behaviour Management

Every swimmer deserves to learn in a non-disruptive and safe environment. The EVO behaviour procedure is two verbal warnings then ‘time out’ if necessary. This means a swimmer may miss out on a small part of their session. If the undesired behaviour continues, the swimmer and/or their parents will then be contacted to discuss this. Should any behaviour be considered dangerous to themselves, or others, swimmers will be immediately removed from sessions until further notice. EVO's behaviour procedure is guided by the Swimming NZ (SNZ) Member Protection Policy


If you wish to cancel your membership, please email the Club Administrator at evo4squad@gmail.com. One month’s notice is required for all cancellations. Outstanding fees must be paid before the cancellation is accepted and any club awards and trophies must be returned to the Club Administrator. EVO also reserves the right to cancel memberships at any time.

Club Transfers

Transfers to another swimming club must be approved and facilitated by EVO. All outstanding fees must be paid before clearance is given and any club awards and trophies must be returned to the Club Administrator.


All necessary equipment should be brought to every session - please refer to your squad training gear requirements. Personal swimming equipment may be stored in the EVO gear sheds at Ōtūmoetai Pool. All equipment must be stored in a named swim bag and hung up after every session on the hooks provided. Any equipment stored is done so at your own risk and no responsibility will be taken by the Club for missing gear. 

EVO Club Merchandise

All swimmers are expected to wear EVO-branded uniform at all competitions. Club merchandise is available by contacting the Club Administrator at evo4squad@gmail.com

Holidays and Timetable Changes 

The EVO squad timetable is available via our website and is subject to change at any time. EVO strives to maintain consistency across our timetabled sessions, but may have to reschedule or cancel sessions and/or coaches as required. If this is necessary, we will make every effort to ensure it is a smooth transition for our swimmers. Changes to times and sessions will be communicated to members.

Please note - all squads continue throughout the year, including the school holidays. Payment for the monthly squad fees during the school holidays is required, regardless if you can attend or not, unless you suspend your squad membership for longer than one month (see Suspensions).


Please do not attend sessions if you are unwell or have any infections. Information on the exclusion periods for common illnesses can be found under the LTS Info tab.

Injury and Illness

In the unfortunate event of an extended injury or illness, please email the Club Administrator as soon as possible at evo4squad@gmail.com to discuss the options available.

Parents and Caregivers on Pool Deck

Once your child has entered the water, please find a seat and let the Coach, coach. Please do not come to the edge of the pool to talk to your child, or the coaching staff, unless it is urgent. This interrupts the entire group.

Parents may remain in the grandstand area of the pool during practice, but there is to be absolutely no ‘coaching from the grandstand’. Continued interaction with your child is distracting to the swimmer and makes it difficult for the coaches to do their job effectively. No parents are to time or video their swimmer unless this has been approved by the Coach.

Parental and Caregiver Supervision

Parents and caregivers must accompany all children 10 years old and under to and from their sessions. For children 6-10 years old parents and caregivers can (in effect), hand supervision of their swimmer to the Coach. They can then leave the facility however, must return to collect the child from the Coach by the time the session is finished. Children 10 years old and under are not permitted to leave the pool unaccompanied.

Children participating in structured sessions under the supervision of a coach, will not be required to wear a wristband during their lesson. At all other times, wristbands are mandatory, and Keep Me Safe pool supervision rules apply. (Parents and caregivers must be on the premises and able to provide immediate assistance). Please familarise yourself with the Keep Me Safe pool supervision rules under the LTS Info tab.

Pool Entry Fees – payable to Bay Venues Limited

All EVO Junior, Fitness, and Competitive squad members must pay their own entry fee to pool staff each time they attend a swimming session. Evolution Aquatics does not own the pools we operate out of. EVO leases pool space from Bay Venues and pool entry is payable to them for the use of their facility. All EVO squad members are eligible for the squad rates for pool entry (see Squad Fees).

Returning after Suspension or Cancellation

If a swimmer wishes to return after a suspension or cancellation of membership, all outstanding fees must be paid. Please note that we cannot guarantee that a swimmer will be able to rejoin the same squad. Each squad has a maximum number and the club will continue to intake new members during the suspension period. If you wish to maintain your place within the squad you will need to continue to pay fees as usual. In some cases, a swimmer may be required to do a reassessment.

Social Media

Only Evolution Aquatic's administration staff and board members may set up any social media site under the name Evolution Aquatics Tauranga. Any other persons, other than those specified, will be asked to remove their pages. Any member of the club who posts anything using the name or images relating to Evolution Aquatics Tauranga members or staff on their personal pages must abide by the SNZ Member Protection Policy


Please email the Club Administrator at evo4squad@gmail.com if your swimmer wishes to take a break from training for a period greater than one month. Breaks of less than one month will not incur any fee reduction.

Squad Fees

Squad fees are paid to the Club in advance and invoiced on the first of every month via email. Payment is due on the 9th of each month. Please note - outstanding fees may incur a suspension of membership.

Swimmers’ Awards 

Swimmers must be registered with Evolution Aquatics Tauranga and swimming under our coaches to be eligible for prizegiving awards.

Swimming Attire

Googles are required for every session. One-piece togs for girls and swim briefs or jammers for boys are recommended. For hygiene reasons, all swimmers with long hair must wear a cap.