Squad Suspension of Membership

If a swimmer wishes to take a break from training for a period greater than one month a suspension form will need to be completed and handed to the Administrator. Breaks of less than one month will not incur any fee reduction.

As at 1st December 2020, a suspension fee of $5 will be applied to all suspension requests. 

The maximum time a swimmer can suspend their squad membership is for three months.

A swimmer may only suspend their membership two times in any given calendar year.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that a swimmer will be able to re-join the same squad. Each squad has a maximum number and the club will continue to intake new members during the suspension period. If you wish to maintain your place within the squad you will need to continue to pay fees as usual.

Please email the suspension form to evo4squad@gmail.com

Please note: Suspensions cannot be proceesed until squad/club fees are paid (so nothing outstanding), which includes the $5 administration fee.