Fitness Squad Programme

Evolution Aquatics provides support for other aquatic codes with many members involved in Surf Lifesaving, Water-polo, Canoe-polo, Triathlon, Synchronised Swimming and Underwater Hockey.  For some members, competitive swimming takes a back seat to their chosen aquatic sport.  Fitness allows members to train at a level comparable to their competitive peers and allows for the different periodisation needs their primary sport may have. Fitness attendance is flexible with swimmers able to swim across multiple squads as they need.

Swimmers may attend their booked Fitness Level and all levels below that particular level. eg a Fit 1 swimmer may attend Fit 2 to Fit 5 sessions as they and their other code coach sees fit.  Obviously there would be little benefit in a Fit 1 swimmer attending a Fit 5 however a Fit 1 swimmer who is recovering from injury may come in and do a couple of Fit 3 (or even
Fit 4) sessions to get up to speed or they may be in taper before nationals and their underwater hockey coach wants them coming in to do a very light session so they could pick a Fit 2 or Fit 3 depending on how they feel.